Lost Sheep Challenge

Lost Sheep Challenge

During December the shepherds need your help to find their sheep. They’ve got an important event coming up and they need to be ready. Little do they know that the surprise guest at their Christmas party is going to be the Angel Gabriel who’s going to tell them about an even bigger party the following day. They all need to be ready, so they are going to need your help.

The sheep have all gone Christmas shopping and they are lost in shops and public places in the North End and Claughton Village. (It is rumoured that some of them might have even found themselves in West Kirby.)

Join the challenge to help find the sheep, so the Shepherds will know where they all are for Christmas Eve.

How to get involved

Come to the launch of the Lost Sheep Challenge at the Community Carol Service (St  James church – Tuesday 3rd Dec 7.00pm). Pick up a challenge sheet and start looking for knitted woolly sheep in shops and public places in in the North End and Claughton Village. (Don’t forget to take an adult with you.) You need to make a list of the names of the sheep and their locations, to give a list to the shepherds at the Crib Service at St James, 6pm on Christmas Eve.

The Lost Sheep Challenge is run in partnership with St James and St Bedes, Laird Street Baptist Church, Hamilton Memorial Church, Claughton and St Bridgets, West Kirby.



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